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Unlimited access to over 100 generic sweepers and beds available for download now. Plus, each month win a bespoke imaging package for your station.

Coming JUne 2023

Why not become a Radio Essentials subscriber?... No tie ins, just our commitment to continue to evolve our subscription services.

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Per Month


Win a bespoke imaging package

Every month we give you the chance to win a bespoke imaging package for your station. You also have FREE access to over 100 generic sweepers to use as you please.

To enter, simply register your station to be added to the draw for a chance to win a full imaging package for your radio station courtesy of UdderMedia!. One winner per month will be selected at random from all submissions.

Entries for the free draw must be submitted by the last day of each month and winners will be informed within 5 working days. Please allow 28 days for your package to be created. 

Listen to a few demos of previous winners.
  • Hereford Hospital Radio DEMO 00:00
  • Radio Hillingdon DEMO 00:00
  • St Stephens Radio DEMO 00:00
  • Irish Radio DEMO 00:00
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