talking : topics

We have put together a selection of “Talking Topics” for you to use on your segment to engage with your listeners.
talking topics : for August

Presenters are often encouraged to talk about their own experiences, what they’ve seen, overheard or read and to bring something of themselves to their programme, that way they create a stronger bond with their audience than simply saying ‘that was … this is’.

Appear more conversational, more relatable, more real and build up a connection with your audience who are more likely to stay loyal with random “Talking Topics”. 

I remember The “Umberto Show” back in the days on Real Radio (before he sadly passed away) with his phone ins and they were massively popular due to random topics he would speak about.

We have put together a selection of “Talking Topics” for you to use on your segment to engage with your listeners. Remember… It’s stories, rather than opinions and theories, that usually make more relatable content and better ‘phone fodder’. 

1. Unusual phobias. We all know about spiders and thunderstorms, but are you afraid of something else? Dirt for example… How did you discover it? To what extent will you go to avoid it?
2. Best / worst smells that you are always coming across and can’t avoid. Perhaps you are a baker and love/hate the smell of fresh bread… or work as a chambermaid and hate the smell of freshly laundered sheets.
3. What have you learnt to live with? No, not ‘who’! Perhaps you have tinnitus or hate sunshine. Perhaps you can’t read or write. How has it made you what you are today?
4. What’s the item on your ‘things to do around the house list’ that’s been there the longest? It’s probably something quite simple such as oiling a squeaky door or getting a mark off the wall: it would take five minutes to do, but you’ve been meaning to get around to it for months…
5. We’d like to know who’s listening … so call us and describe yourself to us: what you look like, your face, clothes, build … including all the ‘bad’ bits (big nose) as well as the good bits.
6. When you were a child, what was your favourite meal that mum used to cook. No-one else made Sunday lunch or Saturday brunch quite like mum … and you’ll never have it again.
7. How you have celebrated your team winning? A party, yes, and maybe a medal if you were part of that team. But what other ways? What if it was a team that you support?
8. Stories of celebrities crying or sleeping. Have you ever seen them in such ‘reduced circumstances? Have you ever worked with someone that used to be famous?
9. What is your gift – what are you good at instinctively? No-one’s told you or shown you how to do it, you’ve not read a book about it, it’s just something that you know how to do. It could be playing the piano by ear, plastering a wall or…
10. Guilty pleasures. Chocolate or bubble bath … Things that don’t cost much but are naughty, and rather nice.
11. While being served in a shop, a big row erupted outside. One man hit another and then got into a marked van. Should I report the incident to the police or the van owners?
12. Weird funeral stories. They are sombre places, obviously … but has something funny happened to you at one of them, or something odd? Perhaps it was the hearse, the coffin or the vicar. Did someone burst in with a ‘reason why they shouldn’t wed’ thinking it was a different church?
13. If you could physically transport yourself to anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why? Who would be there and what would you do? Would it be in the present day?
14. As many uses as possible for a coat hanger as possible. Think laterally, what can you twist it into and use it for? Then, as many different uses for a newspaper, a rubber band, rather than their meant-for use.
15. Are you doing your childhood dream job? If not why not? If you are, is it all you thought it would be?
16. What is the phrase that only you use – or maybe a family phrase that only you say, or say in a certain way?
17. What’s the longest expiry date of food in your house? Have a rummage through the drawers and shelves. Why does water that has percolated through the rocks for thousands of years before it’s put into a bottle, have an expiration date on it? Did we really catch it ‘just in time’?
18. Strange things that your pet does. Not necessarily tricks, but just curious characteristics that make them, them.
19. Why do you support the football team that you do? Family tradition or accident or location?
20. Visual trademarks of celebrities such as The Fonz’s thumbs up pose or a certain wave or wink usually given by TV gameshow hosts.