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We have put together a selection of “Talking Topics” for you to use on your segment to engage with your listeners.
talking topics : January 2022

Presenters are often encouraged to talk about their own experiences, what they’ve seen, overheard or read and to bring something of themselves to their programme, that way they create a stronger bond with their audience than simply saying ‘that was … this is’.

Appear more conversational, more relatable, more real and build up a connection with your audience who are more likely to stay loyal with random “Talking Topics”. 

I remember The “Umberto Show” back in the days on Real Radio (before he sadly passed away) with his phone ins and they were massively popular due to random topics he would speak about.

We have put together a selection of “Talking Topics” for you to use on your segment to engage with your listeners. Remember… It’s stories, rather than opinions and theories, that usually make more relatable content and better ‘phone fodder’. 

1. Ladies that you shouldn’t really fancy but are strangely attracted to. Lady Penelope …
2. What’s your oldest Christmas decoration? How long have you had it for, and where did it come from?
3. Stories about getting lost. How did you find your way? Luck, following the stars, the course of a river? What about being lost in a shop?
4. Family traditions: perhaps on birthdays, Christmas or holidays. You always do a certain something a certain way. How did they start?
5. Unusual reasons for splitting up with your boy/girlfriend or the strange reasons that they gave for splitting up with you.
6. Stories of terrible and awkward small talk just to fill the silence. Times when conversations become stale.
7. The most stupid question you’ve ever been asked – ‘have you got a gun in your bag?’, ‘have you ever been convicted of a crime?’ (At airport security)’ or… what are you doing here?’, ‘what did you do that for?’
8. What is your great passion in life? No who, but what. What really gets you excited either emotionally or physically?
9. Things you’ve accidentally thrown away and the lengths you’ve gone to retrieve them.
10. Stories about when you had unauthorised access to a pubic address system. How did it happen, how long for, what did you say?
11. Which jobs have the best parties? Holiday camp staff, cruise ship entertainers or air stewards…
12. What complementary song titles can you come up with? I’ll start you off ‘April in Paris’ and ‘Autumn in New York’.
13. Captain Ahab, Captain America, and Captain James T Kirk … any more captains please? Or any stories about captains?
14. Have you ever been complimented by a celebrity? When and where did it happen and why?
15. A man beat up his car with a baseball bat because he’d run out of petrol. What have you done in a fit of anger?
16. If you could have chosen your own first name, other than the one you were given, what would you have chosen? Have you ever changed your name? Why?
17. Do you speak to your friends or family in your own lingo? Maybe not an entire language, but perhaps shortened words or phrases that only mean something to you. How did they come about?
18. Boring and soulless things they make you do at work … things that are pointless but they have to justify your existence.
19. Does a celebrity live near you? Are they part of the community or a recluse? What ordinary or showbiz things do they get up to?
20. Things you’ve carried home when drunk. Not necessarily other people, but what about traffic cones?
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