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We have put together a selection of “Talking Topics” for you to use on your segment to engage with your listeners.
talking topics : for November

Presenters are often encouraged to talk about their own experiences, what they’ve seen, overheard or read and to bring something of themselves to their programme, that way they create a stronger bond with their audience than simply saying ‘that was … this is’.

Appear more conversational, more relatable, more real and build up a connection with your audience who are more likely to stay loyal with random “Talking Topics”. 

I remember The “Umberto Show” back in the days on Real Radio (before he sadly passed away) with his phone ins and they were massively popular due to random topics he would speak about.

We have put together a selection of “Talking Topics” for you to use on your segment to engage with your listeners. Remember… It’s stories, rather than opinions and theories, that usually make more relatable content and better ‘phone fodder’. 

1. Have you ever been attacked by an animal? Perhaps a huge rash on your wedding day from midges and mossies… or a near escape from a lion in a game park? Have you been attacked by a flying pigeon or robbed by a baboon?
2. What is the occasion that you most wish that you could turn back the clock? What happened and how could you change things?
3. If you could instantly speak another language, which one would you like it to be? Why?
4. What did you have for breakfast? Is it really the most important meal of the day? Do you have the same one each morning or does it depend on the day of the week?
5. What are you allergic to? How did you find out? Is it something you’re stuck with or can grow out of? How have you learnt to cope?
6. What was your dream car when you were younger? Can you picture it now? Perhaps the first time you saw it.
7. ‘Famous’ and ‘infamous’ – surely they mean the same thing? What actually is the difference?
8. What’s your favourite ‘waiter, waiter!’ joke? C’mon it’s Friday, amuse me and give others something to tell down at the pub tonight.
9. What bands should duet together? (Kiss + Squeeze, Jam + Bread, The Stranglers + Air Supply, Black Sabbath + Blue Oyster Cult = Deep Purple…)
10. Annoying management speak your boss uses. ‘Blue sky thinking’, ‘pushing envelopes’ ….
11. You’re stranded five miles from your destination on a busy road out in the country. There are no buses or taxis; it’s getting dark and about to rain. Do you walk or hitch a lift?
12. A survey says that women are better talkers and have a wider vocabulary than men … what might lead you to think that is true?
13. When that four-minute warning goes off, what do you do? When was the last time you were told? What would you save or do?
14. Have you ever played ‘chicken’? What were the consequences? Was it a bet, and did you win?
15. Sell your town/village/city – what is best about it? Paint a picture of the kind of place that it is. What does (this town/village) mean to you?
16. Family names – do you have strange name or sequential names, or nicknames or first names that fit with last names, or everyone with the same initials?
17. Advice please on growing the best lawn. Is it down to watering or the kind of seed? When do I re-lay it, or how often do I cut it? How do I keep cats off it?
18. Do you have a story about ice cream vans? Perhaps you used to work in one or one came and toured your street when you were younger.
19. Why did you make your local your local? There must be something about the pub that makes it better than the one up the road….
20. What song makes you scream because you hate it so much? Something you hear, or someone else does.
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