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We have put together a selection of “Talking Topics” for you to use on your segment to engage with your listeners.
talking topics : for October

Presenters are often encouraged to talk about their own experiences, what they’ve seen, overheard or read and to bring something of themselves to their programme, that way they create a stronger bond with their audience than simply saying ‘that was … this is’.

Appear more conversational, more relatable, more real and build up a connection with your audience who are more likely to stay loyal with random “Talking Topics”. 

I remember The “Umberto Show” back in the days on Real Radio (before he sadly passed away) with his phone ins and they were massively popular due to random topics he would speak about.

We have put together a selection of “Talking Topics” for you to use on your segment to engage with your listeners. Remember… It’s stories, rather than opinions and theories, that usually make more relatable content and better ‘phone fodder’. 

1. What piece of information do you have that you think everyone should know? What difference has it made to you by knowing it?

2. Do you have a name for someone based on something that they do or look like? For example, Mr Fussy, or Miss Messy. 

3. Are you old before your time? What are the stories and experiences that make you believe that?

4. Proposals: have you done it in an unusual place or romantic way? Stories of the time the other person said ‘no’. 

5. Have you ever changed your name, or used a pseudonym? Why did you do it and were you ever caught out by someone … or simply forgot who you were supposed to be!
6. Stories about big stars with no pretensions? An example of the ‘bigger the star the more normal their behaviour’.
7. The Beatles or the Stones? Which is best? Did you ever meet either band? Where are your allegiances?
8. What do regret to this day you let the other person have when you split up at the end of a relationship? What did they take that you think you should have had? What did you take of theirs that you should not have taken? CDs, furniture?
9. Rename famous films, with famous people (for example ‘Barry White and the 7 Dwarves’, ‘What’s Eating Gilbert O’Sullivan’, ‘A Donna Summer Night’s Dream’, ‘Taxi Minnie Driver’…)
10. You’re going to be on a TV quiz show. If you had to name your absolute specialist subject, what would it be? How come you’re such an expert?
11. Strange orders or requests that you’ve been given. Did you comply? Did you ask questions or do it unquestioningly?
12. Fishermen: what is the best bait? Why? Where’s best to fish around here? What can you catch? Do you throw it back or eat it?
13. Have you ever had to persuade a large group of people to do something unusual?
14. Have you ever met someone with your name? Were they anything like you? What did you talk about?
15. Where can I get the very best cup of coffee? Is it the posh coffee shop or the cheap ‘transport café’?
16. Have you ever been banned from somewhere perhaps because of what you were wearing? Or have you ever banned yourself from somewhere because the last time you did something so embarrassing you dare not show your face again?
17. Is there something you wish you’d never thrown away? What are the circumstances that are behind the fact that it no longer belongs to you?
18. My nephew is doing work experience for a month with a company that is offering him petty cash for lunches. Is it OK to take lunch from home, and keep the money?
19. Is there a slot, pipe, box or wire in your home (under the sink or under the stairs perhaps) that you’ve no idea why it’s there?
20. What are you fastidious about? Something that you just need to have done in a certain way.
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