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Free generic imaging and your chance to win a bespoke package for your station or show, courtesy of UdderMedia.

Welcome to Radio Essentials : Audio Essentials. Every month we will be providing you free generic imaging that you can use on your station. Also, each month we are giving you the chance to win a bespoke imaging package for your station courtesy of UdderMedia.

Win a bespoke imaging package

Your package will include:

You will receive free voice over, Udder’s in house VO or Becki (the boss) who sometimes likes to have a go! Or if you have your own station voice over we can create a new package with this.

Free audio will be uploaded on the 1st of each month. Entries for the free draw must be submitted by the last day of each month and winners will be informed within 5 working days. Register your radio station below

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Audio Essentials JULY 2022 free imaging package

  • 3 at 3 - Sweeper 00:00
  • 70s at 7 - Sweeper 00:00
  • 80s at 8 - Sweeper 00:00
  • 90s at 9 - Sweeper 00:00
  • Another Weekend Winner - Sweeper 00:00
  • Online - Sweeper 00:00
  • Stay There - Sweeper 00:00
  • Weekend - Sweeper 00:00
  • Your Local Station - Sweeper 00:00
  • Your Local Station (ALT) - Sweeper 00:00
Clicking on the DOWNLOAD ZIP will allow you to download the entire imaging (above) in a single zip file. Archived Audio will allow you to view/download audio essentials imaging from past months.

Register your station for your chance to win!

To enter, simply register your station to be added to the draw for a chance to win a full imaging package for your radio station courtesy of UdderMedia!. One winner per month will be selected at random from all submissions. Please allow 28 days for your package to be created.

Your details will only ever be used for the purpose of this imaging package. We will never spam you with emails or pass your details on to marketing companies.

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