April 24th: 2022

View todays celebrity birthdays and find out what happened in history today.

2014 – Yorkshire Sculpture Park won the £100,000 Art Fund Museum of the Year prize and was hailed as ‘one of the finest outdoor museums one might ever imagine.
Celebrity : birthdays
Nigel Harrison, bassist (Blondie) 71; Jean Paul Gaultier, fashion designer, 70; Stuart Pearce, football coach, 60; Paul Ryder, bassist, (The Happy Mondays) 58; Djimon Honsou, actor, 58; Cedric The Entertainer (Kyles), actor/comedian, 58; Patty Schemel, drummer (Hole) 55; Aidan Gillen (Murphy) actor, 54; Sachin Tendulkar, cricketer, 49; Gabby Logan, broadcaster, 49; Brian Marshall, bassist (Creed) 48; Eric Balfour, actor, 45; Kelly Clarkson, singer/TV host, 40; Ben Howard, singer-songwriter, 35; Jan Vertonghen, footballer, 35; Jack Quaid, actor, 30.

What : day is it

April 24th celebrates Scream Day as well as Pigs In A Blanket Day.
This day : in history

1900 – The first issue of the newspaper the Daily Express. It was founded by Arthur Pearson.

1906 – William Joyce, British traitor and Nazi propagandist (‘Lord Haw-Haw’) was born.

1916 – In Dublin, Irish nationalists, led by Patrick Pearse, launched the Easter Rebellion against British rule.

1932 – A mass trespass by thousands of ramblers, led by Benny Rothman, took place on Kinder Scout in the Peak District. Their aim was to establish public right of access on the moors and mountains that were privately owned for grouse shooting.The mass trespass started at Bowden Bridge Quarry, close to Hayfield and had a far-reaching impact that culminated in the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 which gave people ‘the right to roam’ on mapped access land.

1953 – Winston Churchill was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

1957 – English astronomer Patrick Moore presented the first broadcast of The Sky at Night, on BBC television.

1963 – Princess Alexandra (the youngest grand daughter of King George V) married the Honourable Angus Ogilvy at Westminster Abbey.

1965 – The official opening of the Pennine Way, a 256 mile path along the Pennine Hills from The Old Nag’s Head at Edale in Derbyshire to ‘The Border’ at Kirk Yetholm on the Scottish border. The opening ceremony was held at Malham Moor, North Yorkshire.

1982 – A crewman of a Sea King helicopter on its way to the Falklands Islands was missing and presumed dead after the aircraft crashed. Petty Officer Kevin Stuart Casey was the first casualty of the Falklands war against Argentina.

1989 – British jockey Peter Scudamore became the first National Hunt jockey in Britain to ride 200 winners in a season.

1993 – A massive bomb ripped through the the City of London, killing one and injuring more than 40.

2011 – The opening of Brockholes, Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s (LWT) a floating wildlife and wetland centre near Samlesbury. Apart from common bird species, the site is home to birds including Lapwings, Sand Martins and Kingfishers as well as more vulnerable species such as Whimbrels and Skylarks.

2014 – Yorkshire Sculpture Park, located at West Bretton won the £100,000 Art Fund Museum of the Year prize and was hailed as ‘one of the finest outdoor museums one might ever imagine.

Trivia : and shower thoughts

“If you build it, he will come.” – Shoeless Joe Jackson (Ray Liotta (voice) in Field of Dreams, 1989.

In the Information Age, ignorance is a choice.

When I was a kid, I thought it would be awesome if I could press a button and food would come to my door. Now, this probably happens every second of every day.

“Shane. Shane. Come back!” – Joey Starrett (Brandon De Wilde) #moviequotes

US President #14 Franklin Pierce (1853-1857) – the first President to have a Christmas Tree in the White House.

Gummo Marx – Real Name: Milton Marx

The original Star Wars trilogy would’ve never happened had Obi-Wan mercy killed Anakin at the end of the prequels instead of leaving him to burn in the lava.

“Sometimes when I’m sad, I sit and watch the power station. They say if you lie between two of the main wires, your body just evaporates. You become a gas. I wonder what that would feel like.” – Tammy Metzler in Election

“A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man.” – Lana Turner

A group of Badgers is called a Cete or Colony or Set or Company.

In 2003, archaeologists found 20,000-year-old human footprints in the Australian Outback of a male they called T8. Scientists determined he was running 23 mph in mud, barefoot, and was even accelerating before the tracks stopped.

Usain Bolt’s record for running speed is 27.44 mph.

Birthday : quotes

“My experiences remind me that it’s those black clouds that make the blue skies even more beautiful.” – Kelly Clarkson

“I love stand up and it keeps me grounded, to say the stuff I have been thinking without anyone changing it.” – Cedric the Entertainer

“We should spend as much time in thanking God for his benefits as we do in asking him for them.” – Vincent de Paul

“We are not victims of the world we see, we are victims of the way we see the world.” – Shirley MacLaine

“If we all knew we were going to live to be 150 years old, we’d all approach our lives very differently.” – Eric Bogosian

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