April 25th / 2023

View todays celebrity birthdays and find out what happened in history today.

1953 – Jack Charlton makes his League debut against Doncaster Rovers at Elland Road in Leeds’ last Division 2 match of the 1952/53 season – the first of what would be a club record 629 League appearances for the club.
Celebrity birthdays
Stu Cook, bassist (Credence Clearwater Revival), 78; Talia Shire, actress, 77; Steve Ferrone, drummer, 73; Linda Womack (Zeriiya Zekkariyas) singer-songwriter, 70; Fish, (Derek Dick), singer, 65; David Moyes, football manager, 60; Andy Bell, singer (Erasure), 59; Hank Azaria, actor, 59; Eric Avery, bassist (Jane’s Addiction) 58; Simon Fowler, singer-songwriter (Ocean Colour Scene) 58; Renée Zellweger, actress, 54; Jason Lee, actor, 53; Felipe Massa, racing driver, 42; Monty Panesar, cricketer, 41; Leander Dendoncker, footballer, 28.
What day is it
April 25th is World Penguin Day as well as DNA Day.
This day in history

1916 – The start of the Easter Rebellion in Ireland, mounted by Irish republicans with the aims of ending British rule in Ireland and establishing the Irish Republic. It was the most significant uprising in Ireland since the rebellion of 1798.

1932 – The birth of William Roache MBE, British actor known for his role as Ken Barlow in the soap opera Coronation Street. He is the longest serving cast member, having appeared since the first episode on 9th December 1960. Roache is also the world’s longest-serving television actor (info correct in April 2018)

1953: – Jack Charlton makes his League debut against Doncaster Rovers at Elland Road in Leeds’ last Division 2 match of the 1952/53 season – the first of what would be a club record 629 League appearances for the club.

1953 – Two Cambridge University scientists published their answer to how living things reproduced. In an article published in Nature magazine, James D Watson and Francis Crick described the structure of a chemical called deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA. Their achievement was recognized in 1962 when they received the Nobel Prize for Physiology.

1959 – Queen Elizabeth II and President Eisenhower officially opened the St. Lawrence Seaway to link the Atlantic with ports on the Great Lakes.

1969 – The BBC Radio serial Mrs. Dale’s Diary ended after 21 years and more than 5,400 episodes. Her final words were: “I’m rather worried about Jim….”

1982 – Britain re-establishes its presence in the Falkland Islands after a two-hour assault by Royal Marines against Argentinian forces on the remote island of South Georgia.

2012 – A new initiative paired the Scottish hamlet of Dull with an American town named Boring. The Dull and Boring plan was hatched after a resident of Dull, near Aberfeldy in Perthshire, cycled through Boring in Oregon.

2016 – The High Street chain BHS went into administration after 88 years trading. Subsequent rescue bids failed and 11,000 jobs were lost, 22,000 pensions were affected and 164 stores closed. It was the biggest retail failure since Woolworths folded in 2008 with the loss of almost 30,000 jobs.

2017 – Sir Elton John contracts a potentially deadly bacterial infection during a tour, forcing him to spend two nights in intensive care and cancel concerts in the US.

Trivia and shower thoughts

The Capital of Thailand is Bangkok. 

A group of Grasshoppers is called a Cloud.

Whenever I go to Subway, when they ask if I would like my sandwich toasted, I say yes and then I raise my cup and say “to my sandwich!”

All spheres have a “flat” surface if an object you place on it is small enough.

Quitting smoking for the last time and quitting smoking for the first time are the same thing.

The problem with the world is that intelligent people are full of doubts while stupid ones are full of confidence.

“Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life.” – Joel Osteen

“You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!” #songlyrics

Chevy Chase’s real first name is Cornelius.

The first English dictionary was written in 1755.

Aurora, in “Sleeping Beauty”, is the princess with the least amount of lines and screen time in a Disney film.

Elizabeth Arden – Real Name: Florence Nightingale Graham

“Poor man wanna be rich, rich man want to be king, but the king ain’t satisfied till he rules everything.” #songlyrics

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