December 1st: 2022

View todays celebrity birthdays and find out what happened in history today.

2010 – Large parts of the UK were brought to a standstill by the early freeze. Temperatures plunged again overnight to -16C (3F) in the Scottish Highland after one of the coldest starts to December in more than 20 years.
Celebrity : birthdays
Bette Midler, singer/actress, 78; Eric Bloom, guitarist, singer (Blue Oyster Cult) 78; John Densmore, drummer (The Doors) 78; Gilbert (Raymond) O’Sullivan, singer-songwriter, 76; Neil Warnock, football manager, 74; Julee Cruise, singer-songwriter, 66; Charlene Tilton, actress, 64; Sarah Silverman, comedian/actress, 52; Brad Delson, guitarist, (Linkin Park) 45; Riz (Rizwan) Ahmed, actor/rapper, 40; Janelle Monáe, singer-songwriter/actress, 37; Zoe Kravitz, actress/model, 34.

What : day is it

December 1st is Eat A Red Apple Day as well as Day Without Art, National Christmas Lights Day and World Aids Day.
This day : in history

1930 – The birth of the singer Matt Monro, who became one of the most popular entertainers on the international music scene during the 1960s. Throughout his 30 year career, he filled cabarets, nightclubs, music halls and stadiums throughout the world.

1942 – The Beveridge Report, written by Sir William Beveridge, proposed a welfare state for Britain, offering care to all from the cradle to the grave. It revolved around a compulsory National Insurance scheme to provide all adults with free medical treatment, unemployment benefit and old age pensions.

1965 – The Government put forward a plan to improve the lot of both farmers and consumers by encouraging intensive farming.

1966 – Britain issued its first special edition Christmas stamps. In 2006 the stamps were heavily criticized as they depicted no Christian images on any of the Christmas stamps.

1969 – A statue of former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill was unveiled in the House of Commons.

1988 – The first-ever World AIDS day started in effort to raise awareness of the AIDS global epidemic.

1990 – Britain and France were joined for the first time in thousands of years as the last wall of rock separating two halves of the Channel Tunnel was removed.

1997 – 8 planets in our Solar System lined up from West to East beginning with Pluto, followed by Mercury, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn, along with a crescent moon, in a rare alignment visible from Earth that lasted until December 8.

2010 – Large parts of the UK were brought to a standstill by the early freeze. Temperatures plunged again overnight to -16C (3F) in the Scottish Highland after one of the coldest starts to December in more than 20 years. Some 4,000 schools were closed, the Forth Road Bridge was closed for the first time since it opened in 1964 and Edinburgh and Gatwick airports were shut. The Met Office issued heavy snow warnings for Scotland and north-east, eastern and south-east England.

2013 – Official industry figures showed that some of Britain’s biggest wind farms were, at times, taking electricity out of the National Grid to run basic power supplies on site, rather than actually supplying electricity to households.

2014 – Dr Myles Bradbury was jailed for 22 years after abusing children who had cancer or grave blood disorders. He pleaded guilty to 25 offences against boys aged 10 to 16, including sexual assault, voyeurism and possessing more than 16,000 indecent images.

2018 – Tyson Fury survives two knockdowns to force a split decision draw with defending WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder in LA. On the same day, violent demonstrations break out in Paris by gilet jaune protesters. Also, Nick Jonas and Proyanka Chopra marry at Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur, India.

2019 – The earliest traceable patient, a 55-year-old man, develops symptoms of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China.

Trivia : and shower thoughts

Did you know that on this day in 1918, The Kingdom of Iceland was first established? The Kingdom lasted 26 years before the country became a republic.

The Capital of Burundi is Bujumbura.

The song “We Need a Little Christmas” was originally about starting Christmas very early, one week after Thanksgiving.

The Wilhelm Scream #moviecliches

The word ‘pyrokinesis’ was coined by horror novelist Stephen King in his 1980 novel Firestarter to describe the ability to create and control fire with the mind.

My dog doesn’t even know space is a thing, what if we don’t even know something else is a ‘thing.’

A couple sued AC/DC in 1981 for $250,000 because their telephone number is in the song “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” resulting in hundreds of prank calls. #justring362436

The Capital of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou

Henry VIII of England agreed to marry Anne of Cleves after seeing a portrait that he commissioned of her. After meeting in person, Henry realized she wasn’t as attractive as the painting suggested and annulled the marriage. The portrait is now displayed in the Louvre.

“You had me at ‘hello.’” – Dorothy Boyd (Renée Zellweger) in Jerry Maguire, 1996

Connie Francis – Real Name: Concetta Franconers

I’m playing hide and seek with the neighborhood kids right now. They’ll never find me because they aren’t old enough to drive or get into this bar.

“There’s an ad for every vice. That’s advice.” – Brian Spellman

Natalie Portman skipped the film premiere for Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace because she had to study for her high school finals.

You look mahvelous! – Billy Crystal as Fernando (Saturday Night Live)

Birthday : quotes

“Golf isn’t just my business, it’s my hobby.” – Lee Trevino

“I just don’t want to die alone, that’s all. That’s not too much to ask for, is it It would be nice to have someone care about me, for who I am, not about my wallet.” – Richard Pryor

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen

“It’s not about failure; it’s about trying something and risking something for attaining your goal.” – Carol Alt

“Neverland is the way I would like real life to be… timeless, free, mischievous, filled with gaiety, tenderness, and magic.” – Mary Martin

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