January 4th / 2023

View todays celebrity birthdays and find out what happened in history today.

2017 – The last ABC cinema closed its doors. The Bournemouth cinema (which opened in June 1937) had only kept its name by a quirk of positioning in the town. It closed with a final screening of ‘Back to the Future’, which was chosen by its audience.
Celebrity birthdays
Rick Stein, chef/TV presenter, 76; Bernard Sumner, singer/guitarist (New Order) 67; Matt Frewer, actor, 65; Julian Sands, actor, 65; Michael Stipe, singer-songwriter (REM) 63; Robin Guthrie, musician/songwriter (Cocteau Twins) 61; Till Lindemann, vocalist (Rammstein) 61; Craig Revel Horwood, Strictly judge, 58; Beth Gibbons, singer (Portishead) 58; Julia Ormond, actress, 58; Tim Wheeler, guitarist/songwriter (Ash) 46; James Milner, footballer, 37; Labrinth (Timothy McKenzie) singer-songwriter/rapper, 34.
What day is it

January 4th is National Spaghetti Day, National Trivia Day, Tom Thumb Day, World Braille Day, World Hypnotism Day.

This day in history

1938 – Bertram Mills’ Circus became the first circus to be shown on television. This was also the first time that a paying audience for any event had been televised, and audience members were informed that they could request seats out of range of the cameras. Originally from Paddington, London, his circus became famous in Britain for its Christmas shows at Olympia in West London and his troupe were the last to perform with live animals on the Drury Lane Theatre stage.

1957 – A dissatisfied plastic surgeon patient was sentenced in London to ten years’ imprisonment, after he had threatened his surgeon with a gun, complaining that his nose was too short. 

1972 – Rose Heilbron became Britain’s first woman judge at the Old Bailey. Her career included many ‘firsts’ for a woman – she was the first woman to win a scholarship to Gray’s Inn, the first woman to be appointed King’s Counsel in England, the first to lead in a murder case, the first woman Recorder, the first woman judge to sit at the Old Bailey and the first woman Treasurer of Gray’s Inn.

1998 – Loyalist prisoners in the Maze Prison, Northern Ireland, voted to withdraw support for the Ulster Peace Process. They claimed that too many concessions had been made to Republicans.

2000 – Catherine Hartley and Fiona Thornewill, the first British women to walk across Antarctica to the South Pole arrived safely, more than two months after starting their record-breaking journey.

2014 – Richard Parks, a former Welsh rugby player turned adventurer claimed a record for the fastest solo, unsupported and unassisted journey to the South Pole by a Briton. The 715 mile journey took 29 days, 19 hours and 24 minutes. In 2011, Parks achieved his world-record-breaking dream to reach seven summits and three poles in seven months in his 737 Challenge, aiming to raise £1m for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

2017 – The last ABC cinema closed its doors. The Bournemouth cinema (which opened in June 1937) had only kept its name by a quirk of positioning in the town. It closed with a final screening of ‘Back to the Future’, which was chosen by its audience.

2021 – Brian Pinker, aged 82 and from Oxford, became the first person in the world to be given the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, at Oxford’s Churchill Hospital.

2021 – Scottish MP Margaret Ferrier was arrested and charged by police after she admitted using public transport in September while infected with Covid-19. She admitted travelling to London and attending debates in the Commons despite taking a Covid-19 test. After being told her test was positive, Ferrier then travelled home by train from London via Glasgow, and later acknowledged visiting several businesses in her Rutherglen constituency on the day she took the test.

Trivia and shower thoughts

When Disneyland opened in 1955, it included a lingerie store with an exhibit on the history of the bra. It was hosted by an animatronic figure called “The Wizard of Bras” 

Sometimes I wonder if my life is in shambles because of all the chain letters that I never forwarded to ten of my closest friends.

In the year 774, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle recorded a “red crucifix” in the sky. Tree rings dated from that year all over the world show a spike in Carbon-14 levels. It is believed that the event was caused by a very strong solar flare, perhaps the strongest ever known.

China owns every panda in the world.

“Could you describe the ruckus, sir?” – Brian Johnson in The Breakfast Club #moviequotes

“Oh yeah. Lots of girls. Mick Jagger and I had a running tally going. Last I checked I was way ahead.” – Stan Lee #moviequotes

The housefly hums in the middle octave key of F.

Fraudulently using the 4-H club logo or name is a federal crime punishable by up to 6 months in prison.

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