July 20th: 2022

View todays celebrity birthdays and find out what happened in history today.

1982 – An IRA terrorist bomb in Hyde Park, London, killed 3 members of the Blues and Royals during the Changing of the Guard ceremony. Two hours later 8 bandsmen were killed by an IRA bomb planted at the bandstand in Regent’s Park.
Celebrity : birthdays
John Lodge, bassist (The Moody Blues) 77; Carlos Santana, guitarist, 75; Jem Finer, banjo (The Pogues) 67; Paul Cook, drummer (The Sex Pistols) 66; Michael McNeil, keyboards, (Simple Minds) 64; Stone Gossard, guitarist (Pearl Jam) 56; Anton du (Anthony) Beke, dancer, 56; Josh Holloway, actor, 53; Sandra Oh, actress, 51; Omar Epps, actor, 49; Judy Greer, actress, 47; Gisele Bündchen (Brady), model, 42; Julianne Hough, dancer, 34.

What : day is it

July 20th is a special day for things outta this world, as today we celebrate Moon Day and Space Exploration Day.
This day : in history

1871 – The English Football Association Challenge Cup Competition was formed, to become better known as the FA Cup. The first final saw the Wanderers beat the Royal Engineers by one goal to nil, watched by a crowd of 2,000.

1885 – The Football Association legalized professionalism in football under pressure from the British Football Association.

1889 – John Reith, Scottish engineer and first director general of the BBC, was born.

1938 – Diana Rigg, English actress, was born. She is probably best known for her portrayals of Emma Peel in The Avengers and Countess Teresa di Vicenzo in the 1969 James Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

1943 – The birth of the actress Wendy Richard. She played Miss Brahms in the BBC’s Are You Being Served? and Pauline Fowler in EastEnders.

1944 – World War II: Adolf Hitler escaped death after a third attempt on his life when a bomb exploded in Rastenberg.

1968 – During a BBC radio interview, actress Jane Asher announced that her engagement to Beatle Paul McCartney was off. He was not the first to find out!

1982 – An IRA terrorist bomb in Hyde Park, London, killed 3 members of the Blues and Royals during the Changing of the Guard ceremony. Two hours later 8 bandsmen were killed by an IRA bomb planted at the bandstand in Regent’s Park.

1990 – An IRA bomb blew a 10-foot hole in the London Stock Exchange.

2000 – Families of the victims of serial killer GP Harold Shipman won their High Court battle for an open inquiry into how their loved ones died.

2002 – Charles Kennedy, former Leader of the Liberal Democrats, and his fiancee Sarah Gurling, were married in the House of Commons chapel.

2003 – The BBC confirms weapons expert Dr David Kelly, found dead two days earlier in Oxfordshire, had been the source for reports that the government “sexed up” a dossier on Iraq’a arms capabilities.

2012 – 12 people are killed and 59 injured when a gunman opens fire at a cinema showing The Dark Knight in Aurora, Colorado. Also on this day, journalist and broadcaster Sir Alastair Burnet dies aged 84.

2017 – Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington committed suicide aged 41.

2018 – Director James Gunn is fired as director of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” by Disney after past offensive tweets surface. Actor Dave Bautista and other cast members threaten to quit the franchise unless Gunn’s script is used for the film and the director is reinstated.

2020 – The UK suspends an extradition treaty with Hong Kong in wake of new Chinese security laws for the territory.

Trivia : and shower thoughts

Did you know that on this day in 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to ever walk the moon? He then said the iconic “That’s one small step for (a) man; one giant leap for mankind.”

Henry Cavill only has 43 lines in Batman v Superman.
All of Dear Abby’s advice can be consolidated into 4 points, talk to the other person, talk to a therapist, never talk to that person again, and mind your own business.

The average American eats approximately 1,500 PB & J sandwiches before graduating from high school.

Every time I see a piano I try to play it. I guess just to check if I’m one of those savants who wakes up and can play Beethoven from the heart. I’m not.

The Capital of Morocco is Rabat

Nearly half the gold ever mined has come from one place: Witwatersrand, South Africa.

“At least three times every day take a moment and ask yourself what is really important. Have the wisdom and the courage to build your life around your answer.” – Lee Jampolsky

“Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” – Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) in Godfather Part II, The Godfather Part II, 1974

Black boxes on aircraft are generally orange/red and not, in fact, black.

The ISS has a treadmill on it named Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill (C.O.L.B.E.R.T.), after Stephen Colbert.

Thanks to the popularity of gifs, we are living in the second golden age of silent films.

Birthday : quotes

“Happiness is not a destination or an experience. It’s a decision.” – Carlos Santana

“Without Knowledge, Skill cannot be focused. Without Skill, Strength cannot be brought to bear and without Strength, Knowledge may not be applied.” – Alexander the Great

“I feel that nothing important ever happens that is not revealed to me beforehand.” – Anne Hutchinson

“I used to work in jobs I hated because I needed the money to buy a guitar. I know what it feels like to be depressed. On the other hand, I also know what it feels like to have money, to be successful, to be independent, but I can tell you that money and success never solve your problems.” – Chris Cornell

“The only way you find what your limits are is by pushing them.” – Terri Irwin

“Maybe at this stage in my career, it’s from that younger generation that I have most to learn.” – Diana Rigg

“There is divinity in your DNA. Live your light.” – Carlos Santana

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