June 3rd: 2022

View todays celebrity birthdays and find out what happened in history today.

2012 – The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant took place on the Tideway of the River Thames, as part of the celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.
Celebrity : birthdays
Suzi Quatro, bassist/singer, 72; Deniece Williams, singer, 71; Vince Clarke, musician/songwriter (Depeche Mode/Erasure) 62; Susannah Constantine, broadcaster/fashionguru, 60; James Purefoy, actor, 58; Bill Callahan, singer-songwriter, 56; Wasim Akram, Pakistani cricketer, 56; Anderson Cooper, US journalist/broadcaster, 55; Saffron (Samantha Sprackling) songer (Republica) 54; Kelly Jones, singer-songwriter/guitar (Stereophonics) 48; Shane Lynch, singer (Boyzone) 46; Rumer (Sarah Joyce) singer-songwriter, 43; Jodie Whittaker, actress, 40; Rafael Nadal, tennis champion, 36; Michelle Keegan, actress, 35; Imogen Poots, actress, 33; Sam Curran, cricketer, 24.

What : day is it

June 3rd celebrates National Egg Day and Repeat Day.

This day : in history

1971 – The London opening of “No Sex Please, We’re British” starring Michael Crawford. It became the longest-running comedy in theatre history before closing on 5th September, 1987. 

1976 – Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen went gold. It’s one of the best selling singles ever and is considered one of the greatest rock songs of all time.

1978 – The Guiness Book of Records entered the record books as the most-stolen book from British libraries.

1981 – Shergar won the Epsom Derby by a record 10 lengths.

1992 – The death of Robert Morley, (CBE) the English actor who was usually cast as a pompous English gentleman representing the Establishment.

1996 – The High Court awarded compensation to a total of 14 police officers traumatised by the 1989 Hillsborough football stadium disaster when 96 fans were killed in a crush during an FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. On 26th April 2016 The jury of 9 in the Hillsborough Inquest reached a verdict that vindicated the bereaved families who had fought for 27 years against South Yorkshire police claims that misbehaving supporters caused the disaster, as well as against the 1991 verdict of accidental death. The Hillsborough inquest started on 31st March 2014 and was the longest in British legal history.

2012 – The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant took place on the Tideway of the River Thames, as part of the celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Despite the cold, wet weather, 670 boats took part, including military, commercial and pleasure craft. According to Guinness World Records, it was the largest ever parade of boats, surpassing the previous record of 327 vessels set in Bremerhaven, Germany, in 2011.

2016 – Boxing legend Muhammad Ali dies aged 74. On the same day, folk violinist Dave Swarbrick of Fairport Convention dies aged 75.

2017 – Eight people were killed and forty eight were injured in terrorist attacks when a van was deliberately driven into pedestrians on London Bridge. The three terrorists then carried out a stabbing spree in nearby pubs and restaurants before being shot dead by the police.

2019 – Jay-Z is named the world’s first billionaire rapper by Forbes magazine. On the same day, President Donald Trump begins a three-day visit to the UK by calling London Mayor Sadiq Khan “a stone cold loser”.

Trivia : and shower thoughts

Hydrox was the original sandwich cookie, while Oreo is the more popular knockoff.

Arnold Sommerfeld, a German theoretical physicist was nominated for the Nobel Prize 84 times, more than any other physicist, but he never received the award.

The Seven Virtues #5- Justice is being fair and equitable with others.

Saying you enjoy “people watching” is a lot less creepy than “watching people”.

Tycho is the crater on the Moon, named after 16th century Danish astronomer, Tycho Brahe, where the monolith was found in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

In t-shirt sizes, XL > L > M, but it’s the opposite in Roman numerals.

“ALFA” (now Alfa Romeo) was an acronym for “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili,” founded 1910.

The longest prison sentence ever given was 141,078 years, given to to Chamoy Thipyaso in 1989 for fraud. She only served 8 years of the sentence.

“To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are.” – Muhammad Ali

Birthday : quotes

“You live in the present and you eliminate things that don’t matter. You don’t carry the burden of the past. I’m not impressed by the past very much. The past bores me, to tell you the truth; it really bores me. I don’t remember many movies and certainly not my own.” – Paulette Goddard

“I just found it interesting to talk to adults I admired and to discover that the path they took was never all that clearly defined. It was comforting to me when I figured out that you don’t have to know what you want to do with your life; you just have to take a few steps in one direction, and other opportunities will open up.” – Anderson Cooper

“It’s easy to create something that has a lot of luster, but it’s very hard to make something that has a lot of depth.” – John Dykstra

“Surely the day will come when color means nothing more than the skin tone when religion is seen uniquely as a way to speak one’s soul; when birth places have the weight of a throw of the dice and all men are born free, when understanding breeds love and brotherhood.” – Josephine Baker

“Fifty percent of something is better than one hundred percent of nothing.” – Chuck Barris

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