May 12th / 2023

View todays celebrity birthdays and find out what happened in history today.

1945 – The publication of the first of the ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ series by the Rev. Wilbert Awdry. It was entitled ‘The Three Railway Engines’ and featured Edward, Gordon and Henry.
Celebrity birthdays
Pam St Clement (Clements), actress, 81; Chris Patten, former politician, 79; Steve Winwood, singer-songwriter/musician, 75; Gabriel Byrne, actor, 73; Greg Phillinganes. Keyboardist, 67; Ving (Irving) Rhames, actor, 64; Billy Duffy, guitarist (The Cult) 64; Emilio Estevez, actor/director, 61; Vanessa Williams, actress/singer, 60; Stephen Baldwin, actor, 57; Tony Hawk, skateboarder, 55; Catherine Tate (Ford) comedian/actress/writer, 54; Jim Furyk, golfer, 53; Samantha Mathis, actress, 53; Mark Morrison, singer, 51; Malin Akerman, actress, 45; Jason Biggs, actor, 45; Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister, 43; Remi Malek, actor, 42.
What day is it
May 12th is the day we officially celebrate Nutty Fudge Day and Limerick Day.
This day in history

1937 – The Coronation of George VI. The BBC televised the procession in its first ever outside broadcast. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon became queen consort and was later known as Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, to avoid confusion with her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II.

1945 – The publication of the first of the ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ series by the Rev. Wilbert Awdry. It was entitled ‘The Three Railway Engines’ and featured Edward, Gordon and Henry. The book quickly sold the initial print run of 22,500 copies and there were a further two print runs by the end of the year.

1967 – The Government gave the go-ahead to proposals to convert Stansted into an international airport.

1969 – The minimum voting age in Britain was lowered from 21 to 18.

1994 – The Labour leader John Smith (aged 55) died in a London hospital after two serious heart attacks.

1997 – Guinness and Grand Metropolitan, two of Britain’s leading drinks companies, agreed to a £23 billion mega-merger that would create the world’s largest spirits group, GMG Brands.

2000 – Ford workers at its Dagenham plant reacted with shock and anger at the news that car production was to be transferred to Germany and Spain, with the loss of 3,000 jobs.

2001 – For the first time ever the FA Cup Final was held outside England when it took place at the new Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

2008 – More than 69,000 people lost their lives to a magnitude 8.0 earthquake in Sichuan, China.

2010 – Conservative David Cameron’s arrival in Downing Street as Prime Minister of a coalition government, marked the end of 13 years of Labour rule, with Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister.

2014 – Gary Barlow from the pop group ‘Take That’ was facing calls to give back his OBE. It was claimed that, along with members Howard Donald, Mark Owen and their manager Jonathan Wild, Barlow had invested £66m in two partnerships that were styled as tax avoidance schemes. HM Revenue and Customs was expected to demand repayment of tens of millions of pounds.

Trivia and shower thoughts

Tea is by far the most famous drink among the British. It is estimated that we drink 165 million cups of tea every day. In the U.S. the tea’s consumption is 20 times lower.

The only Americans with their own personal zip code are the President (20500) and Smokey Bear (20252).

“Aiming at the enemy, I only smash the mirror.” #songlyrics

Day 13,763 and still no need for my algebra skills.

A group of Reindeer is called a Herd.

Useless Pronunciation: T as in tzar

“Don’t start an argument with somebody who has a microphone when you don’t. They’ll make you look like chopped liver.” – Harlan Ellison

A group of Butterflies is called a Flight or Flutter.

“Hasta la vista, baby.” – The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) #moviequotes

There is an “i” in the center of the word “hurricane.”

“Excuse me while I kiss this guy” #misunderstoodlyrics

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” – Verbal Kint in The Usual Suspects #moviequotes

If they were really Decepticons, why didn’t they just wear Autobot badges?

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