September 24th: 2022

View todays celebrity birthdays and find out what happened in history today.

2009 – The UK’s largest haul of Anglo-Saxon treasure was discovered buried in a field in Staffordshire.
Celebrity : birthdays
Helen Lederer, actress and writer, 68; Kevin Sorbo, actor, 64; Theo Paphitis, entrepreneur (Dragons’ Den), 63; Jack Dee, comedian and actor, 60; Ally McCoist, broadcaster and former footballer, 60; Mike Phelan, football coach, 60; Clown (Shawn Crahan) percussionist (Slipknot) 53; Peter Salisbury, drummer (The Verve) 51; Victoria Pendleton, former track cyclist, 42; John Arne Riise, former footballer, 42.

What : day is it

September 24th is officially Cherries Jubilee Day, Punctuation Day and in the UK it is World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.
This day : in history

1853 – Liverpool’s Northern Daily Times became England’s first provincial daily newspaper.

1916 – A local policeman rounded up and took into custody the crew of the German Zeppelin LZ-76 that had been forced down near Colchester.

1931 – The birth of Anthony Newley, actor, singer and songwriter. He won the 1963 Grammy Award for Song of the Year for ‘What Kind of Fool Am I?’ He also wrote songs that others made hits including the title song for the James Bond film ‘Goldfinger’.

1942 – The birth of Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers. In 1963 he reached the UK No.1 with his record ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, now the anthem of Liverpool Football Club. We saw him perform at Great Yarmouth in 2009. Ah… nostalgia!

1957 – BBC Television for schools began.

1967 – The two ‘Queens’ of the Cunard Line, the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth, passed each other in the Atlantic for the last time.

1971 – Over 100 Russian diplomats were expelled from Britain for spying, following revelations made by a Soviet defector.

1975 – The world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, was successfully scaled for the first time via its southwest face by British climbers Dougal Haston and Doug Scott.

1976 – The Rhodesian Government agreed to introduce black majority rule to the country within two years. Prime Minister Ian Smith was not happy with the conditions.

1991 – In Beirut, the British hostage Jackie Mann was freed by the Shi’ite Muslim Revolutionary Justice Organisation after spending more than two years in captivity. He had been kidnapped in May 1989.

1992 – David Mellor resigned as heritage minister, blaming his departure on a constant barrage of hostile stories in the tabloid press.

2006 – Europe, captained by Ian Woosnam, wins the Ryder Cup in Ireland.

2009 – The UK’s largest haul of Anglo-Saxon treasure was discovered buried in a field in Staffordshire. Terry Herbert, who found it on farmland using a metal detector, said that it was a metal detectorist’s dream. Experts said that the collection of 1,500 gold and silver pieces, which may date to the 7th Century, was unparalleled in size and worth “a seven-figure sum”.

2014 – Radical preacher Abu Qatada, the subject of a near decade-long battle by the UK government to be deported to the Middle East to face terrorism charges, was acquitted in a Jordanian court.

2018 – Real Madrid’s Luka Modric is named world’s best male player at the FIFA Awards in London.

2019 – The Supreme Court concluded, unanimously, that Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue (suspend) Parliament for 5 weeks prior to Britain leaving the EU was unlawful. On that basis, the court ruled that “Parliament would remain in session as if it had never stopped”.

Trivia : and shower thoughts

Did you know that on this day in 1950, the final two planes of Operation Magic Carpet landed in Israel? This was the transportation of almost 50,000 Jews through a series of airlifts from Yemen to Israel.

A day is basically night with a big star lighting it.

For every human on Earth, there are 1.6 million ants.

I wonder what all the 90s 18/f/Cali girls from AOL chat are doing today…

There are more fake flamingos in the world than real ones.

James Stewart – Real Name: Stewart Granger

The Stonewall National Monument became the first national monument dedicated to LGBT rights on June 24th, 2016. This monument encompasses the Stonewall Inn, the location of the Stonewall Riots of 1969, which are widely regarded as the birthplace of the modern LGBT rights movement.

“You can call us Aaron Burr, by the way we’re droppin’ Hamiltons.” #songlyrics #history

“A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work.” – John Lubbock

The cop that pulls Mike Meyers over for speeding in ‘Wayne’s World’ is actually Robert Patrick trying to find teenage John Connor.

How many holes of donuts were wasted before people realised the centres were also edible?

“Well, some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t they? ” – Scarecrow

A group of Electricians is a Grid.

Birthday : quotes

“In a career playing heroes, I learned a little about the real thing. A hero stands up for himself, for herself, but most importantly for others.” – Kevin Sorbo

“To be kind is more important than to be right. Many times, what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a special heart that listens.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

“You only get one life so you might as well make it a happy one, and that’s why I tend to just jump into things. I’m sort of a fearless idiot that way.” – Nia Vardalos

“Competition is the hallmark of a free enterprise economy. For the past thirty years, however, corporate America has been doing everything it can to cut competition, with major corporations merging and consolidating at every opportunity.” – Lou Dobbs

“The one thing I could do was voices and impersonations and weird characters, and there was really no call for that, except on Saturday Night Live.” – Phil Hartman

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