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  • On This Day / Celebrity Birthdays / Week Ahead

    Subscribers will have access to On This Day and Celebrity Birthdays 7 days in advance. This can be emailed out if required every Sunday

  • News, Showbiz, Music and Weird News

    Updated every week day, we will collate the latest news for you and centralise it for easy access. If there is an event taking place we will ensure we refer to it too

  • Exclusive Monthly Imaging

    Exclusive imaging relating to events such as New Year, Easter, Valentines day and so on

  • On Air Features

    Each month we will provide ideas and content for On Air Features

  • Monthly Giveaways

    Whether its a mug/calendar or a jingle package, each month all subscribers will be in the draw to win something radio related

  • Radio Essentials Merchandise

    Everyone love Radio Merch! From Calendars to Mugs, for subscribers who commit to 3 months will get some awesome Radio Essentials merch


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