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The Global Language of Muffins: Celebrating National Muffin Day.

Muffins, the breakfast staple that knows no boundaries, and today (February 20th), it’s National Muffin Day! This celebration isn’t just about a delicious treat; it’s a cultural exchange that transcends most nations. So, what exactly is a muffin, and how do different cultures pay homage to this beloved baked good.
It's National Muffin Day!
The Origins of the Muffin
The muffin’s ancestry can be traced back to the Middle Ages, where it was a simple bread-like food often cooked on a griddle. It wasn’t until the 18th century that the modern muffin, often sweeter and baked, became popular in Britain. Muffins were commonly enjoyed with afternoon tea, in a manner depicted by many classic English paintings and literature.
Understanding the Muffinscape
The term ‘muffin’ has evolved to encompass a wide variety of baked goods, and it varies greatly across the English-speaking world. In the United States, muffins are typically sweet, leavened with baking powder, and baked in individual molds. Meanwhile, English muffins, a stout, yeast-leavened bread, are best known for their nooks and crannies that are perfect for butter or jam.
Exploring Muffin Varieties Around the World
Blueberry Muffins in the USA – The quintessential American muffin is the blueberry muffin. Bursting with fresh or frozen blueberries, it is a breakfast staple that defines the start of a good, down-home American day.
Chocolate Chip Muffins in Canada – A close cousin to the blueberry, the chocolate chip muffin holds a special place in the hearts of Canadians, who often claim their version to be the best.
Cornbread Muffins in the Southern US – Cornbread muffins are a staple in the Southern states, and their inclusion of cornmeal in the batter gives them a uniquely crumbly texture that pairs perfectly with savory dishes.
The Double Decker in the UK – English muffins, served as a bed for eggs Benedict or split and toasted, remain a breakfast mainstay, and their slightly chewy texture is unmatched.
Anzac Biscuits in Australia and New Zealand – The Anzac biscuit, a sweet, oaty, coconutty delight, is reminiscent of a muffin in its simplicity and is enjoyed year-round, not just for one day of celebration.
Muffins In The UK
So what is your definition of a Muffin! In Yorkshire it’s one thing and in Lancashire it’s another! Whatever your definition – make sure today you enjoy one!