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EastEnders Milestones: 10 Most Iconic Moments and Characters.

EastEnders isn’t just a soap; it’s a cultural institution, providing some of the nation’s most-loved TV moments and unforgettable characters and it hit our TV screens on this day in 1985!
Here are (in our view) the 10 Most Iconic Moments and Characters – do you agree? Let us know!
The first episode of the BBC soap opera, EastEnders was screened.
1. Den and Angie’s Divorce
Few TV moments can rival the peak of Christmas drama when “Dirty” Den Watts presents “Princess” Angie with divorce papers. Through the spectacular, tear-soaked revelation, the series broke TV records with over 30 million viewers in 1986.
2. “You Ain’t My Mother!”
Teenage angst turns dark when Mark Fowler is told the family secret, sending him into a spiral. His utterance of this famous line to Pauline, his much-beloved yet equally complicated aunt, was heart-wrenching and touched audiences deeply.
3. The Murder of Reg Cox
EastEnders began with a literal bang as viewers tuned in to witness the finding of Reg Cox, dead after the altercation that Beckshires’ still remember as the catalyst for the show. It was a moment that hooked a nation and set the stage for a show about real-life drama.
4. Michelle’s Pregnancy
In 1985, schoolgirl Michelle Fowler’s unexpected pregnancy by a thirty-something Lothario captivated the audience and sparked family tension. The storyline was daring for the time and highlighted the show’s willingness to tackle tough, contemporary issues.
5. Barry and Janine’s Wedding
Barry Evans’ ill-fated marriage to Janine Butcher in 2004 was pure soap at its most dramatic, sinister, and heartbreaking. It showcased Janine’s manipulative power and desire for control, leaving viewers aghast at the tragedy that was about to unfold.
6. “Sharongate”
The 1994 storyline, where the “Sharongate” tape revealed Sharon’s affair with Phil to an audience at her engagement party to Grant, encapsulated betrayal and explosive passion. The revelation was so potent that it led to real-life discussions among government ministers.
7. Den’s Resurrection
EastEnders shocked the nation yet again in 2003 when Den Watts returned, apparently alive, after being presumed dead over a decade earlier. This was TV magic, proving that in soapland, death is rarely the final act.
8. Pat’s Final Bow
The curtain fell on the indomitable Pat Butcher in 2012, marking the end of an era. Her poignant farewell was a testament to the actress and character, encapsulating the love of the fans and the show’s emotional range.
9. “Who Killed Archie?”
Archie Mitchell’s murder investigation kept us guessing well into 2010. The storytelling and whodunit mystery were masterfully done, showcasing the show’s ability to keep viewers on the edge of their seats for months on end.
10. Kat Reveals Zoe’s Paternity
In 2001, the famous “You ain’t my mother!” line was delivered by Zoe to Kat after the revelation that Zoe was Kat’s daughter, not sister. It was a dramatic twist that proved EastEnders was a master of long-term story arcs and the element of surprise.
Which episode has been your favourite?
As we reflect on these defining EastEnders moments, it’s clear that the show has a rare talent for capturing the essence of human existence in its stories. It’s little wonder it has remained a favourite for generations of viewers.