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What are your favourite hobbies?

Downtime is important. We all need it, and many of us are on a mission to find more of it and figure out just how to spend it. Whether it’s something relaxing or something energetic, we all have something we enjoy.
How do you spend your downtime?
What Are Your Favourite Hobbies
There’s comfort in being surrounded by the things we love, which is one reason why collecting is such a popular activity. From pokemon cards and coins to stamps, action figures and dolls, there are countless collecting options.
You can’t beat a good book. If your idea of a fun Friday night is cozying up with a book, you’re certainly not alone. Reading is enjoyed worldwide; it’s accessible due to the fact that it’s inexpensive (or free), and it allows people to explore new and exciting worlds, and expand their knowledge.
Whether it’s a trip across the seas or exploring the next town over, travelling is an exciting hobby virtually anyone can participate in. From the planning stage to the trip itself, travelling gives us something to look forward to along with that brief escape from reality.
If you need a break from the daily grind, unwind with a fishing trip. Whether you’re fishing for food or just for fun, the hobby is a great way to relax and enjoy nature. There are many different types of fishing, making the hobby accessible in most places.
Watching TV
Maybe not considered a hobby, one of the most popular pastimes worldwide is television. The hobby has changed dramatically in recent years; many networks offer endless on-demand viewing options, and because watching television doesn’t require much effort, it’s an activity that many people partake in daily.
Bird Watching
Bird watching continues to grow in popularity, thanks to the fact that virtually anyone can participate. Bird watching, otherwise known as “birding,” doesn’t require much equipment. The hobby draws people young and old, making it an excellent intergenerational activity.
For many people, gardening passes the time and offers a sense of accomplishment. Some people enjoy giving others food from their gardens or allotments and others just love to see the flowers blossom and to encourage nature to collect the nector.
What About You?
What are your hobbies or pastimes? Ask your listeners about anything they do that is more unusual to the “run of the mill” hobbies.