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We have put together a selection of “Talking Topics” for you to use on your segment to engage with your listeners. Remember… It’s stories, rather than opinions and theories, that usually make more relatable content and better ‘phone fodder’.
1 – What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love? Was it worth it? What was the reaction?
2 – Tell me a story that includes the following line: ‘And the last thing that I saw as I lay there on the floor….
3 – Have you got kids? OK – what’s the current corniest joke that they’ve told you? (Mine is about the nurse who tiptoed past the medicine cabinet so as not to wake the sleeping pills…)
4 – Have you ever seen a film being made? Or been in one? Caught on camera – when were you on TV or film without planning to be?
5 – Mementoes. What is in that shoebox under the bed? What kind of things do you keep to remember things and people by? A pair of first shoes, a lock of hair, a certain letter, a football programme? Do you remember why you kept it, or have you had it for so long that you have got to keep it forever? Do you keep old love letters or throw them away once you are married? What if you marry someone else, not the sender? How far back do the mementoes go? When is a souvenir or a memento, theft?
6 – When was the last time you wrote a letter? Who to? What was it about? Was it handwritten?
7 – You are at work and you and a colleague are with a valued client. During conversation, your colleague accepts credit for some work that you did. Do you dispute their claim in front of the client?
8 – Have you ever made a scrapbook? Most probably as a child, but what about now? Do you still have it? When was the last time you looked at it? Get it off the shelf now and go through it with us on the phone.
9 – Something in the back of your cupboard that you’ve never used. A gadget or gizmo – where did it come from, how much did it cost? (Let’s add up the total amount we’ve wasted between us…) Why have you still got it?
10 – Who was your teenage heartthrob and why? Did you ever meet them? Have posters on your bedroom wall and kiss it goodnight…