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Welcome to the Radio Essentials : Podcast with James Marriott

We have 12 Episodes of The Radio Essentials Podcast! In every episode, James Marriott chats to someone from the big wide world of radio to look at their career, how radio has changed, and what the future holds for the industry.

There aren’t many local breakfast shows which have owned their airwaves in the way Sean and Becky did on Peak in Chesterfield, back in the day… And it’s a pleasure to welcome Sean Goldsmith to the podcast to discuss his career including those glory days on Peak.  

We also discuss Sean’s apparent ‘luck’ when it comes to getting those all important breaks, his diagnosis with aspergers in the last few years, and what his back-up career has long been should the radio world go pop.
How will he do in the birthday game and Jock Around the Clock? Hit play to find out.

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